The Philosophy of Fighting

When it comes to fighting and self-defense, most people are desperate for a plan. They search for methods:

I block the punch with one hand….Then, with my other hand, I negotiate the forearm, twist a specific pressure point on the wrist, and submit the opponent…”

If you are reliant upon a premeditated series of particular maneuvers to defend yourself, it means you are not ready. Fights do not go according to plan, and your opponent will not willingly victimize themselves in a frame-by-frame enactment of your martial arts fantasy.


The ability to fight lies in the spirit. It relies upon your determination and your will.

You don’t have to learn how to fight.

You have to train, and you have to practice, for health alone. Train your body’s ability to move and respond. Practice to sharpen your focus.


Some things we have to learn. Some things we don’t.

Your response to any stimulus should be natural. Your response to an attack should be as natural as your response to a good joke.


You don’t have to learn how to laugh.

You don’t have to remember when to laugh.

You have to learn the language. You have to learn the words. The laughter is a natural reaction.


This is how you need to fight. Learning a punch, a kick, and a block. These are the words.

Using it in a fight: This is natural. This is the laughter.