The Central Line

You have to know one thing.
Where are you going?

In the Martial Arts, we refer to this as “The Central Line”. This is the singular guiding principle of our lives.

When we see a river, we see it flowing north or south, east or west. Rivers wind through landscapes, left and right.

The path of water can take many turns, but ultimately, the flow of water follows one singular principal and one singular direction. Water flows from the highest point to the lowest point. Water falls down, towards the Earth.

Water is always falling, until it reaches the lowest point. Every river is a waterfall.

As Bruce Lee said, be like water.

Know where you are going. Towards the earth, until you reach the lowest point.
Or, towards your best self, until you reach the highest point.

As a lifestyle, the “Central Line” is the path of self-perfection.
Situationally, the central line is the target and the goal.