The Meaning of “The Golden Dragon”

Blog: Martial arts – a Necessity For a Sane Person

We take water because thirst is something we cannot refuse.
We warm ourselves by fires that consume and destroy.

What truth lies beside the need for water?
What reality warms itself by the heat of the flame?

In Chinese culture, the Dragon represents reality.
It is a familiar sweetness, a bitter disappointment, and an unquenchable desire.
It is ever-present and all-powerful.

Yin and Yang, Light and Dark, Life and Death: They manifest in every situation.
When you improve your vision, you can see what transcends.
When you improve your feeling, you can differentiate between the natural and the forced.

Golden Dragon painting

The Martial Arts are for improving our vision, our feeling, and our creativity.
The ultimate goal of the Martial Arts is self-perfection.

The Golden Dragon is humanity at its best; acting in harmony with the ebbs and flows of our selves and our world.

The Golden Dragon represents the most revered and respected of qualities. It symbolizes prosperity, health, and wisdom—the signs that the right path has been chosen.

The Golden Dragon represented the emperor, and everything in our world that must be held in high esteem.