Yin and Yang For Those Who Understand Nothing

In maintaining our health, there are two things we must address: substance and function.

Our substance is our body: Bones, Muscles, Tendons, Nerves, Arteries, Organs, Glands, and Brains. Every fiber of our being must be developed, stimulated, and enlivened.

Function is the capability and potential of our body to do work: The punch, the kick, the yell, the hug, and the kiss.

Our substance (body) determines what type of function we are able to perform: We have two hands so that we can hold something.

Our function determines the development of our body: Strength exercises increase our strength, allowing our hands to hold more.

In this way, substance and function constantly give to each other, and create each other.

This is one of the best ways to comprehend Yin and Yang. All too often, people mistake Yin and Yang as opposites: “one increases as the other decreases.” This is a misconception.

As the health of your physical body increases, so does its function.

In this scenario, substance is considered Yin, and function is considered Yang.

The substance of Yin gives an opportunity for the function of Yang to take form.

The function of Yang leads the development and manifestation of Yin.

They rely upon each other, and work together to develop each other.

Light and dark. Hot and Cold. Happiness and sadness. If we are eager to simplify our conception of Yin and Yang, we should view them as partners, not as opposites.